Chasco Camera Club Exhibits

Thirteen photographers representing the Chasco Camera Club have an exhibit of thirty five of their photographs of varied subjects from many places displayed at the New Port Richey City Hall. The exhibit will be up until the end of April, 2015 and  has been an annual event for many years.



Thirteen Chasco members have a display of their photographs at the Hudson, Florida Library. Images are from local Florida locations and from  New York to the Far West. Some of the subjects were right in our front yards. Once again we are able to demonstrate to the public the skills and talent of our members and perhaps encourage some budding photographers to join us. The exhibit is on display through January. 

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Members of the Chasco Camera Club have contributed twenty nine photographs  by ten photographers to complete their 15th consecutive year of displaying images at the New Port Richey City Hall. A variety of subjects, in both color and monochrome are on view. The exhibit shall be available for viewing during working hours at City Hall through October 2nd, 2014. Note: This is a one month extension requested by the city of New Port Richey. Congratulations to all the members with photos on display.

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The Chasco Camera Club is happy to present our 12th annual exhibit at the New Port Richey City Hall.

This years presentation is entirely in monochromatic prints, no color images, often resulting in dramatic, captivating image presentations. From street photography, to landscape, still life to portraits, all phases of life are depicted by 11 talented member photographers. Show runs from February 2013 thru March 2013.

NPR Mono NPR Mono Exhibit
NPR Mono Exhibit


The Chasco Camera Club exhibited at a new venue at the West Pasco Art Guild in downtown New Port Richey on Friday, January 13th in a subject theme of "Trains, Planes and Automobiles". Seven members submitted photographs and the three winners were: 1st Place- Al Oberlander for " Flight Delay", 2nd Place-George Robinson for "2-6-2" and 3rd Place- Georgia Robinson for "Desert Victim". There were a total of 17 photos on display, along with numerous artist's renderings (Oil & watercolor) in addition to many subject related objects. The reception was attended by more than 40 people during our visit and a abundance of food was at our mercy along with beverages. The crowd enjoyed the large variety of art displays and looks forward to future events.

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Our Eleventh annual exhibit at the New Port Richey City Hall included thirty three photographs by fifteen Chasco photographers who contributed a wide variety of images, with some from the West coast and some within a few miles of our homes. The local citizens and the employees at City Hall have again expressed interest, with numerous compliments as the photos were being installed. One is "Mike", an employee who admires and appreciates our efforts as our photo shows. The other photo is a view of the entire exhibit.

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The 2011 Exhibit at the Zephyrhills City Hall, posted on June 28th, displayed 21 photographs from 16 members. This marked the tenth year of being invited back to Zephyrhills, with an unusual variety of subject photos with nature, portraiture, street photography and special effect images. With the experience of Al and Charlie from many previous exhibits, their expertise brought out the quality of the photographers work.

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Charlie, attaches title card to Tim Neddy’s “ Yosemite”

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