Frequently Asked Questions.....

Listed below are several questions and answers you may find helpful.

Q:  How much are the dues?

A:   Annual dues are $25.00 per individual member and $35.00 for couples. Dues are due and payable January of each year. Dues will be prorated at a quarterly rate. If dues are in arrears for three months, the membership will be considered dropped. 

Q:  Why should I join Chasco Camera Club?

A:  If you enjoy photography and want to learn more about photographic techniques, types of cameras, digital manipulation, and all things related to photography, then you will want to become a member of Chasco Camera Club.  We have a wide variety of photographic skill levels and everyone is willing to share their knowledge and learn from others. 

Q:  What is a "Program Meeting?"

A:  Our Program Committee works hard to secure experts in the field of photography to speak at our monthly (September - May) program meetings to share their knowledge with the club.  One of our past speakers included an exciting and educational program by local Florida Wildlife and Landscape Photographer, Jason Hahn.  Another local photographer who has shared her expertise with our club was Karren Doll Tolliver who specializes in monochrome and hand-colored prints, and Manny Pontoriero, a professional photographer and instructor.

We also look internally for members who are willing to share their photographic expertise in providing programs on judging, critiquing, printing, mat cutting, composition, presentation, PhotoShop Elements, among other interesting and informative topics.

Q:  What is a "Competition Meeting?"

A:  Competition meetings are held during the second meeting of the month where paid members are highly encouraged to participate. There is both Print Competition and Digital Projected Competition (DPI). For print competition, members bring their mounted or matted photographs to the meetings where the competition committee quickly records and sorts each photograph into its appropriate category: Monochrome, Color, & Monthly Assignment. Digital Images are submitted by email to Chascodigital@me.com by end of day on the Friday before the Tuesday compitition. Each paid member is eligible to submit two (2) prints and two (2) digital images for each of the categories: Monochrome, Color and Monthly Assignment. Three judges are selected from the membership, scores are recorded, and time permitting, each print is critiqued.

Competitions are a great way to show off your own photographic expertise, while seeing the fine photographic works of our membership.  The critique portion of the competition allows members to learn what the photographer did right and how they may have been able to improve the print.

Q:  Do club members participate in field trips or group photography?

A:  YES!  During the cooler months of the year, members carpool to several local spots of photographic interest. Some of our favorite locations include - Lowry Park Zoo, Florida State Fair, Heritage Village, Homosassa Springs State Park, Pioneer Village, Ringling Museum, Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks, Silver Springs, Busch Gardens, Center Hill, and many other photogenic opportunities.

Of course, after a rousing morning of photography, members enjoy a delightful lunch at local eateries while sharing some of their photographic secrets.

Q:  How do I join this fun and exciting camera club?

A:  It's easy to join! Membership Applications are available at every meeting and take less than five minutes to complete.  Dues are payable to our club Treasurer and can be made in the form of a personal check or cash.

Paid members are permitted to participate in competitions, field trips and other club activities such as the Annual Scavenger Hunt.

All photographic images on this web site are copyrighted © by the individual photographers, and may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form in any medium without specific, written permission.